French Macaroons - Gluten Free - 1 Dozen

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French Macaroons - Gluten Free - 1 Dozen

Unlike traditional macarons, our handmade, high-quality confections achieve nut-free and gluten-free pastry divinity. So go ahead - enjoy these delightful, delicious treats that are sure to brighten your day! This box comes with 12 pieces with one of each flavor included.


Vanilla - Simple, elegant, classic swirls of roasted Madagascar vanilla beans done right

Coffee - A smooth perk of roasted coffee beans and caramelized extract for a bright, crisp coffee taste

Caramel - Creamy caramel butter blended together in textural perfection with a hint of fleur de sel

Honey Spice - Honey swirled with bright, warm spices and orange zest, this will surprise and delight with a nod to classic holiday flavors

Strawberry - A refreshing fruit classic of strawberry with a hint of lime zest

Lime - A blend of three different limes and lemons lend a rush of sharp, juicy surprises and satisfy those with bold citrus tastes

Exotic - A delightful, elegant swirl of soft tropical bliss, this bite nods towards hints of passion fruit, banana, lime, and islands afar

Raspberry - This whole raspberry puree creates the perfect balance between tart and sweet

Chocolate - The ultimate chocolate lover’s dream! This decadent filling is the smoothest yet, satisfying anyone’s craving for lavishness and luxury

Chocolate Passion - An invigorating burst of bright, bountiful passion fruit married with deep, creamy dark chocolate

Chocolate Orange - A bold combination of two timeless flavors, neither is understated in each opulent bite

Chocolate Mint - A classic blend between the bright beauty of chocolate and the sweet freshness of the mint