Fresh Lobster Tail Meat - 2/Case - 8 lb

Boston Lobster Company

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Fresh Lobster Tail Meat - 2/Case - 8 lb

4 lb each pack x 2

total 8 lbs

Boston Lobster Co.

Whether deep into a hot summer day or midway through a snowy winter, you can serve fresh lobster tails year-round with Boston Lobster Company 8 lb. fresh lobster tail meat. Lobsters are famously known as a delicacy, and these lobster tails are no exception; customers crave this rich, plump, and subtly sweet crustacean. These lobsters are caught in the natural salt waters of Cape Cod, Maine, and Canada, and are shipped refrigerated to your establishment for the freshest possible tasting lobster. From there, you can freeze your lobsters for freshness or store them in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Lobster tail meat is extremely sought after, giving your customers a plump and firm texture with a subtly sweet taste. This product is pre-cooked and de-shelled, which saves you and your employees valuable time, labor expenses, and reduced risk of human error. Boston Lobster Company cooks their lobsters in small batches, ensuring the utmost quality and ideal texture every time. Lobsters pair very well with hearty grains that have a definitive bite, such as rice, al dente pasta, or firm barley. Vegetables that enhance the richness from lobster meat vary quite a bit; asparagus, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, or fresh and crispy leafy greens all let the flavor of the lobster stand out. When selecting fresh herbs, lean more towards balancing varieties such as aromatic tarragon, bright parsley, and comforting thyme. Lobster also pairs excellently with dairy, such as creamy soup and sauces or herb-infused butter. Whatever you pair it with, hit the lobster with a squeeze of lemon to brighten up the subtly sweet and rich meat.

Adding lobster tails to your dish instantly enhances the overall flavor and appeal of any menu item. Lobster is traditionally known in East Coast-based seafood dishes such as lobster rolls, surf 'n turf, and New England clambake. Try lobster in cream-based dishes like mac n cheese, risotto, bisque, and even pot pies. Add lobster meat to crispy and crunchy leafy green salads for a bite of richness, and pair with a light oil vinaigrette, a dairy-based dressing, or with a classic caesar dressing to complement the anchovies. Or, simply showcase the beautiful lobster tail on its own, brushing it in a garlic, lemon, and parsley marinade and quickly sauteeing to reheat, and serve the crustacean with a side of sauteed or roasted vegetables.