Keto Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Popper Bites - 1 Dozen

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Keto Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Popper Bites - 1 Dozen

Keto, low carb, sugar free and gluten free!

You've got to try these delicious savory keto jalapeno poppers! Each popper is stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, diced jalapeno and cheddar cheese then topped with everything bagel seasoning and baked to a beautiful golden brown!

Every popper is made by hand and measures 2 1/4- 2 1/2 inches across. Each order will come with 10 poppers. Just place your popper in the microwave to desired warmth and enjoy!

Ingredients- almond flour, mozzarella, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, eggs, bacon, jalapeno, everything seasoning (sesame seeds, salt, garlic, onion, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds)